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Our Process

Overview of the Direct Mail Process

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1.Mail Decisions. The FRS Account Executive works with the client and recommends the wording of the direct mail letter, how it is packaged, when it should mail, and who should receive it.

The client approves all copy and has the final say in mail decisions.

2.Coordination of Details. On behalf of the client, FRS arranges the details of getting the package into the mail. For each package, the FRS Production Coordinator gets quotes and negotiates purchase orders with printers, envelope makers, and mail shops.

List managers help obtain lists containing names of prospective donors from other organizations.

The FRS data center receives the lists and merges them into a data file that will be used to address each letter.

FRS's Client Services Manager ensures that adequate postage is at the mail shop.

The client's caging agent prepares to receive contributions, and Fulfillment Houses are readied to send designated premiums to donors.

Details of the mailing are recorded in FRS's BlueBook Online, accessible via our secure E-Client Services extranet to allow real-time analysis of donor responses, income and costs.

3.In the Mail. The Mail Shop stuffs and addresses the envelopes, applies the postage, and on the scheduled date delivers the mail to the U.S. Post Office.
4.Vendor Invoices. After the letters are mailed to the prospective Donors, the printer, mail shop, and other vendors—including FRS—submit their invoices for review by FRS and approval by the Client. Approved invoices are processed for payment from the client's Direct Mail Account.
5.Contributions. The Donor receives the mailed letter and decides whether to contribute to the client's cause. He mails his check to a Post Office Box, where it is picked up and tallied by the client's Caging Agent.

The Caging Agent deposits all contributions into the client's Direct Mail Account. All accounts are in the client's name and all contributions are assets of the client.

6a.Payment of Invoices. As contributions are received, the approved invoices of the direct mail vendors are paid from the client's Direct Mail Account.
6b.Money to the Client's Mission. The net proceeds of all mailings flow from the client's Direct Mail Account to his operating accounts.

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