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Our Million Dollar Hall of Fame

Over the years, a number of direct mail appeals have generated exceptional results. The packages pictured below each generated returns of more than $1,000,000 and several have topped $2,000,000. Perhaps you have seen some of these packages in your mail box. Wouldn't it be nice to see your package hanging in our $1,000,000 hall?

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Mail Call Hurts - Gum Version

An earlier version of this workhorse control package was highlighted in the industry publication, Inside Direct Mail.  More than 6,000,000 pieces have now been mailed in various forms as repeated testing hones its effectiveness.

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Wildlife Waystation:

Hummer Package

This control package has mailed in various formats and configurations since 1999. In fact, this package was the original test package prepared for Wildlife Waystation and it continues to be the control package that the organization counts on to build and replenish its donor file.

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Soldiers' Angels :

Cooling Scarves

Since 2003 Soldiers' Angels has provided tens of thousands of care packages, personal and hygiene items, and thank you letters to our men and women who serve our country.

Their great accomplishment is partly due to the tremendous success of their Cooling Scarves control package. Not only has this package helped to quickly build the Soldiers' Angels house file but has also consistently netted money for the organization.

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Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library Foundation:

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Package

This is the direct mail package that launched the drive to honor those who fought in the Korean War and continue to serve in that unresolved conflict. It has not only helped to rapidly build the donor file of the Foundation, but it has also identified a sizable number of $1,000 plus donors who continue to give strong support to the construction of the Museum and Library.

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Pacific Aviation Museum - Pearl Harbor :

Blueprint Package

More than three years after its initial win in a three-way split test at the direct mail program’s launch, this control appeal is still generating loyal donors who have their names on display in the museum lobby.  It also sparks enthusiasm for visiting the museum as some donors make the long journey to see their name on display.

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World War II Veterans Committee:

D-Day Anniversary Package

This timely prospect appeal is one of the most successful in the history of the World War II Veterans Committee which has complied oral histories of our WWII veterans and is the official sponsor of the Memorial Day Parade held in the nation's capitol. This appeal generated many donors for the organization and did so efficiently.

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