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E-Client Services
E-Client Services

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Over the past decade Fund Raising Strategies has spent more than $1 million creating the most sophisticated, most client-friendly, 24/7, online client support extranet available anywhere. No other direct mail fund raising agency in the nation has dedicated as much capital, talent, and time to creating an online system that has made it possible to squeeze every last net dollar out of your direct mail fund raising program. With this tool you can realize efficiencies in the direct mail fund raising process that are simply not available anywhere else.

Here are just some of the immediate benefits to you...

Results available worldwide
Because client performance results are posted each day, we accelerate the decision process, effectively adding an additional month of mailings to the calendar year. No matter where you are in the world, your list-by-list performance results are available for you to see and act upon.

Reach more high-dollar donors
Because our extranet provides immediate and unlimited access to your donor file, you can identify your special high dollar donors for thanks and recognition. And you can include a personal visit with them as you travel the country. This makes it possible for you to multiply the impact of your direct mail fund raising success through the successful personal solicitation of very generous donors.

A number of our clients raise several million dollars each year from the high dollar donors that have been identified from their direct mail program. For example an individual in the West donated $100 to an organization's donor acquisition appeal. A follow-up house appeal resulted in another gift of $1,000. Our client then made a personal visit to see this donor which resulted in a check for $100,000. On another occasion, a different client received a check for $1 million simply by following up on their direct mail contribution of $1,000.

Deferred giving
You will find that some donors are so dedicated to your cause they will donate every time you send them an appeal. Because the FRS extranet tracks multiple gifts, you can find those very dedicated donors who are great prospects for including your organization in their will or estate planning. If they are that dedicated to your organization, there's a high probability that they would give serious consideration to making a deferred gift to your organization. All you have to do is present them with the rationale and the opportunity.

Support for special event fund raising
Because our direct mail extranet makes it possible for you to select donors by zip code and other criteria at the same time, you have an excellent opportunity to locate individuals who may be interested in participating in special events you are planning, whether it be a fund raiser, an auction, a dinner, or even a cruise. The information is there for your use on an unlimited and unrestricted basis.

There's more to come...
Our extranet is completely client driven. Whatever fundraiser information you want to access online, we can make a recommendation on how you can get it. Our goal is not only to give you unequalled client support, but make it possible for you to maximize the impact of your direct mail effort in every sphere of your overall fund raising program. The FRS client extranet is just one way we work to make sure you are in total control of your direct mail fund raising program.

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